Dub Show 2017 at the Angel’s Stadium


The DUB SHOW, held by Forgiato, came to Anaheim this year, and it did not disappoint! Local companies as well as Nation wide businesses made their presence known with new innovative products as well as creative solutions for the automobile customization world – I look forward to seeing these new products applied to show winning vehicles this coming year.

In regards to the participants, they definitely did not disappoint, the creativity was fluid through the event and the passion was felt. Fabricators, painters, body men, enthusiasts all worked together to put a show that is not easily forgotten. offroaders, lowriders, racers, etc. stood alongside to convey the strongest message that a show of this magnitude can convey – car enthusiasts are here to stay.

Of course being that our Company specializes in Vinyl Wrap and graphics, we had to look at the competition in the vinyl wrap community. I am proud to say that Southern California is represented well in the Vinyl wrap world.  Los Angeles Vinyl wrap was true to it’s individualist roots and delivered on unique designs and flawless executions. San Diego vinyl wrap, delivered classic clean styling. Orange County Vinyl wrap presented impressive flair on finish;  Surrounding areas did not stay behind. ‘Auto Logic Salon’, is proud to be part of this community and looks forward to delivering on installations representative of the Talent in the area.