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What Are Restyle Wraps

When our customers request a car restyle, that means they are asking for a new color or design to be added to their vehicle. An example would be switching from an all-black BMW to a military Green color with yellow pinstriping as the decal. Other times our clients just simply want decals or designs on their already painted vehicles.


How Much Does A Restyle Wrap Cost?

Our prices depend on what you are looking for. Our cheapest product starts at $450 and can run up to $2200 for a full wrap. Aside from a full wrap we also provide a Tesla Chrome Deletepackage for Tesla owners. We blackout all visible chrome and add any color you desire, add customized emblem decals and caliper wraps.


What Are Advertising Wraps

A common request from business owners is for us to place their logo and any other design that visibly advertises their business on any vehicle of their choice. We service all Los Angeles Vinyl Wrap and San Diego Vinyl Wrap requests by our mobile staff.  To learn more about advertising wraps and how our services can be beneficial to your business check out our Does Vehicle Wrap Advertising Work? article.



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