Does Vehicle Wrap Advertising Work?

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If you’re on the road like most Californians then you’ve probably seen your fair share of vehicles wrapped in bright colors promoting their business for all to see. You think for a second “Does vehicle wrap advertising work?” Is it smart advertising? Case studies from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America show that nearly 98% of people that are in a vehicle while in transit notice the advertisements on cars/trucks while on the road.

Cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego or Orange County which are heavily populated are the ideal target market if you are looking to brand your business on more of a gorilla marketing approach.

After looking at the percentage of drivers that take notice to business advertisements being wrapped on cars the second thing you should take into consideration is pricing.

In comparison to traditional advertising such as google adwords (which works, but requires high capital to see gains) going a more “all out” approach for a full and complete car wrap may cost $1,800-$2,500, but can be a lifelong investment.

Adding a large sticker with your business name and phone number would be much less of course. Depending on the area that you are in, the number of impressions can reach 30,000 to 80,000 a day.

You drive around running errands, meeting with clients or potential clients and dozens of other responsibilities on a daily basis. Why not drive and advertise at the same time? Companies have made the switch to Los Angeles Vehicle Wrap Advertising for their newest strategy.

Location of your business’ car that is wrapped for advertising is also very critical. Placing your car in a heavily congested area where drivers tend to be stuck in traffic will only increase your chances of impressions converting into leads.

Best Areas For Car Wrap Advertising

  • Downtown Los Angeles during mid business hours parked near an intersection.
  • Rush Hour traffic on the freeway or over any bridge where heavy traffic may pass or go under.
  • Parked outside of your target audiences hangouts. An example of that would be a Bail Bonds company parking their wrapped vehicle outside of a jail for potential clients to see a “Bail Out Now” advertisement with clear-cut call to action.

2017 marketing leading into 2018 is going “local based” whether you are ready or not. Sales from big businesses that once ruled an area just because they were the first in their market are steadily dropping.

Closely located businesses are gaining more traction in 2018, but the only way to let these your target audience know of your presence is by grasping their attention within your area. Place the investment and wrap your car for vehicle advertising today.

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