How Much Does A Full Vinyl Wrap Cost

Have you recently asked yourself “How much does a full vinyl wrap cost?” and have you been considering purchasing a full wrap for your car, but not too sure as to where you should start? Look no further, the Los Angeles Car Wrap Specialists over at Auto Logic Salon have the experience and tools necessary to take your car from “average” to “stunning” in no time!

One big misconception in the market right now is the price of getting your entire vehicle wrapped. Let us inform you that by merely shopping around for price, that won’t do you much justice if you save $300 on a job, but end up purchasing cheap quality vinyl.

The question of cost is one that every wrapper in California has heard dozens and dozens of times every month is “How much does a full vinyl wrap cost?”. Remember, you should always pay for quality when purchasing an investment for your expensive vehicle.

Full Vinyl Wrap Cost in Los Angeles can run you anywhere from $1800-$2000 for the market’s top of the line, high-quality work.

What Type Of Vehicle Do You Own?

Your vehicle’s year make size and model will ultimately determine the price of your wrap. A 2 door sedan would be much cheaper to wrap than a full sized tour bus needing business decals.

What Type Of Condition Is Your Vehicle In?

Current conditions can drastically affect the installation process of your wrap. Denting on different panels, chipped or rusted paint and other physical damages to your vehicle play a major part. Many of our clients have their crashed vehicles fixed with Caliber Collision Los Angeles.

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