Paint Protection Film


Put an end to sun damage, washing scratches, & water spotting today. Auto Logic Salon stays current with the latest paint protection technologies to secure your paint finish effortlessly while giving it the showroom gloss finish you crave.

What Is Paint Protection?

At Auto Logic Salon we provide state of the art material that is used to coat your newly wrapped vehicle, protecting your investment for up to 2 years. A paint protection film is usually applied to either your entire vehicle or main areas of your vehicle that tend to suffer from daily wear and tear. Protecting your car from road debris that usually damages or chips the exterior of any vehicle is nonexistent with our protectant coating.

Pros of Paint Protection

  • Up to 2 years of state of the art protection for your paint.
  • No need for the usual repainting of your bumper or fender after a few years of wear and tear.
  • Saves you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the long run.
  • The clear protectant is the only actual way to fully prevent scratches made to your vinyl coating.


California residents in LA can visit our Los Angeles Vinyl Wrap page for more information and pricing.

San Diegans can visit our San Diego Vinyl Wrap page for information and pricing.

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Paint Sealant


$40 for additional layers desired

The perfect starting point for any vehicle. Paint sealant will bond to your paint to crate a protective barrier from the elements make simultaneously make maintenance of your vehicle a breeze; All while enhancing the depth and shine of your paint surface. Protection expectancy of one year.

Layering Available

Paint Coatings


$120 for additional layers desired

Our second line of protection consists of our paint coating application. Our liquid paint coating of choice (by 'Opti-Coat') becomes one with your paint surface and acts as a paint protective barrier which in turn makes your vehicle less prone to light scratches, protects it from the sun's harmful UV rays, and prevents hard water paint etching. All whilst bringing a higher level of gloss. Protection expectancy of 2 years and higher depending on vehicle treatment and storage.

Layering Available

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