$250 For Our Tesla Center Console Wraps

Looking to upgrade your Tesla’s interior? We offer the best Tesla Model S, X, and 3 Center Console Wrap and Protection throughout Los Angeles and California.

Protect your Tesla’s center console today with our high-quality vinyl installation. You can pick from any color that’s available on the market to be installed onto your dash with center console prices starting at $250!

2 Colors We Highly Recommend

  1. Brushed Metal
  2. Carbon Fiber


Installation only takes 2.5 hours and comes with a 1-year limited warranty. 

Reasons Why You Should Wrap Your Tesla’s Center Console

Protect the beautiful paint of your interior console and dash with vinyl by Avery Dennison with zero water, glue or chemicals used to apply the material. This is a completely dry installation.

Protect your console and dashboard from sticky fingers, spilled beverages and light scratches which accrue over time from your day to day activities.

You can pick any color that is available on the market by Avery Dennison so finding the right look that matches your Tesla Model S, X or 3 is a must!

We are committed to providing the best Tesla Model S Vinyl Wrap, Tesla Model X Vinyl Wrap, Tesla Model 3 Vinyl Wrap and Tesla Chrome Delete services throughout California. When you pick Auto Logic Salon, you’re going with the best in the industry.


Tesla's Interior Center Console Wraps
Interior of a tesla with interior console wrap
Tesla Model 3 Interior Console and Dashboard wrap
Where To Buy Carbon Fiber Wrap

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