Chrome Delete & Custom Tesla Modifications

What is Chrome Delete?

The Tesla specialists at Auto Logic Salon offer a premier Chrome Delete service where we “blackout” and cover all visible chrome on any model of Tesla. Our installers are 100% mobile and come to you, whether it is from the comfort of your home or outside of your workplace, we will travel anywhere in California. Contact Us

How much does a car wrap cost for my tesla?

Pricing For Tesla Chrome Delete By Model

Model S Chrome Delete = $800

Model X Chrome Delete = $800

Model 3 Chrome Delete = $600


Tesla Brake Caliper Covers

The cost of our Tesla Brake Calipers is only $450

Our caliper wraps are heat resistant

Durable for 5+ years

All colors available

Protects finish


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Wheel Color Change

Full Tesla Wheel Blackout $650

Comes in Gloss Black and Satin Black

Special colors are attainable upon request

Durable for 5+ years

Protects finish

Fully removable


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Model S Carbon Fiber Wrap

How Much Does Tesla Chrome Delete Cost?

Our rates start as low as $800 for a full chrome blackout. Our staff covers the entire California region and has a majority of our work installed by our Los Angeles Vinyl Wrap specialists. We also have a San Diego Vinyl Wrap Chrome Blackout team available 7 days a week.

San Diego Tesla Car Vinyl Wrap

How Long Does the Chrome Delete Take?

The typical time frame for our team to complete a full vinyl blackout is 4-6 hours. This process can be done from your home or any location you may choose. We are 100% mobile and come to you. You can choose from glossy black, Matte black, matching black, carbon fiber or any color of choice to match your vehicle.

Model S Black Out

Why Auto Logic Salon Loves Tesla

There are many reasons why we favor taking on so many of Elon Musk‘s electricity-powered vehicles as clients. Tesla Inc (also known as Tesla Motors) was founded in 2003 and is an American auto-maker which focuses on creating lithium-ion battery-powered vehicles. As new clients come and go, we are always amazed to see the fine detail and work put into these state of the art vehicles of the future.


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