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Tesla Model 3 Vinyl Wrap Process

After speaking to a representative from Auto Logic Salon and receiving an estimate, the process involved in a complete wrap is very simple.

  • We complete the concept design with you (our client)
  • Choose a color that is the best fit
  • Use only the highest quality of material for your vehicles new look
  • Begin working on your Model 3 vinyl wrap immediately with our state of the art tools and material for best the results


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Why Should You Wrap Your Tesla Model 3

If you have been considering a new look and appearance for your Model 3, here are a few reasons why we recommend using our services:

  • Completely customizable designs.
  • A vast variety of colors to choose from.
  • Durable exterior wrap purchased from the most credible companies – 3M & Avery.
  • Tired of your look? Our wraps are 100% removable!

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How Much Does It Cost To Wrap My Tesla Model 3?

Prices can vary depending on which package you have purchased. We can do a complete wrap of your vehicle plus Tesla Chrome Delete, which would black out all of the visible chrome on your Tesla. Rates start from $600 to $2,600. Contact Us today so we can get started on your newly designed Model 3.

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How Long Does The Installation Take For A Full Tesla Model 3 Wrap?

The typical turn around for a complete Model 3 Tesla wrap can vary from 1-2 days. We suggest you allow our company to hold onto your vehicle for 2 days for the best results.

Smaller jobs which require only partial wraps for your Tesla Model 3 can be done within hours after scheduling your estimate.

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