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Tesla Model S Vinyl Wrap Process

After contacting our staff at Auto Logic Salon for a free estimate, our staff will drive to you and begin the vinyl wrap process on the dates scheduled. Upon arriving, our skilled Tesla Model S wrap technicians will complete your vehicle’s wrap using the following process:

  1. Planning out how to wrap your Tesla Model S – We take proper measurements of every car part that we will be wrapping. Quarter panels, bumpers, your hood, everything is taken and must be taken into consideration during the planning process.
  2. Properly clean and prep your vehicle to ensure your new vinyl is laid properly – Your Model S must be completely free of all dirt, debris, dust, and foreign objects. We use only the highest of quality of car cleaners and degreasers for our clients vehicles.
  3. Properly measuring the vinyl before installation – We measure both your vehicle and the vinyl before installing the wrap to your car to make sure we do not fall short in the end phase.
  4. Begin the installation process – By applying heat, our team will professionally wrap your car until it has met our requirements to be completed.


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Why Should You Wrap Your Tesla Model S

For those who are on the borderline of making the jump to vinyl, here are a few reasons why you should make the switch sooner than later.

  • The cost to have your vehicle completely redesigned is usually within budget since the lifespan of most wraps lasts for many years.
  • While the standard “stock” look is still a beautifully crafted piece of work, you are not able to choose from multiple colors. With Auto Logic Salon we turn your idea into a masterpiece.


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San Diego Tesla Car Vinyl Wrap

How Much Does It Cost To Wrap My Tesla Model S?

Wrapping your Model S can start anywhere from $750 – $2,600, the pricing depends on which package you choose throughout our site. Our current packages are:

Full Wrap

Partial Wrap

Tesla Chrome Delete

Powder Coat Wheel Change

Red Tesla Vinyl Wrap

How Long Does The Installation Take For A Full Tesla Model S Wrap?

Typical turnaround for a full wrap is 2 complete days.

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